Monday, 29 November 2010


I've always admired the work of Ann Blockley and was particularly inspired by her painting of Honesty. I've never got round to growing them and couldn't get hold of any inspiring photos.

Thanks to my friend Joanna who remembered this and bought some with her when she came to visit last. They are very delicate but had survived the journey from Holland, safely tucked away in a tub.


We had so much fun painting these, and being able to paint them from life was fantastic. 
We both did a few paintings, trying out different colours and arrangements...

Watercolour is wonderful for this type of subject. Partly left to it's own devices, the water & pigment produced some interesting and wonderful effects making these a real joy to paint.

I wasn't too sure of this one when I finished it, but after letting it sit for a while I decided to mount and frame it.

I chose a natural wood frame rather than my usual preferred choice of white. It really made such a difference to the finished look and set the painting of well..

It's now one of my favourites and was included in my recent exhibition....


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