Monday, 29 November 2010

Kington Gallery....The Exhibtion

Finally getting a moment to catch up here and let you all know how the Exhibition went.  Well where do I start...It was an amazing time, a fantastic opportunity and a wonderful experience.

For any artist to have a Solo Exhibition is always a great opportunity and an honour. That anyone would want fill a whole gallery with my work was something I never imagined would happen, and meant so much. I have a special lady to thank for that. Janet Thomas, the owner of the Kington Gallery
, a wonderful artist and a true friend, and someone i will always be grateful too. 

The Kington Gallery
4 Church Street, Kington, 
Phone 01544 231581   Email

Click here to see Ruth's work

We spent all day arranging paintings, and re-arranging them :)...Ruth Harris, another wonderful artist and friend came along to support and help us, we wouldn't have got it all done without her...Huge thanks to you Ruth.

We had a fabulous 2 weeks with sales of both paintings and cards. 

To finish of the Exhibition I gave a demo of how to paint Portraits in Watercolour in a looser style, and what a wonderful day it was... I've always wanted to teach, to be able to share with other artists what i've learned so far, so there was nothing more rewarding than seeing other artists so inspired by the demo, they were eager to pick up a brush and have a go themsleves.

Janet kindly set up some tables with everything needed for them, what a fantastic idea and we had so much fun.. It all worked so well, as this enabled them to retain more of what they had learned as they are immediately trying it for yourself, so can ask questions while I was at hand.....almost a workshop as well..

I received such wonderful feedback from this demo on my teaching, which was so invaluable to me, as you always wonder if your going in the right direction. This too was another great opportunity for me and I'd like to thank everyone who attended.


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