Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Fire & Ice.... Voted favourite painting and SOLD

Last week I went along to our Art Society in Ilford for the AGM and Xmas celebrations. The last but one meeting this year.

We were asked to take a painting along, where they would be displayed so all members could vote for their favourite..I was so surprised and thrilled when Fire & Ice was voted in 1st place, and recieved a very welcome gift voucher for the local art shop. Thank you to all the members for this....

I then got an even bigger surprise from a gentlemen who had fallen in love with it and wanted to buy it....There is nothing more rewarding than to sell a painting no matter the price. the fact that someone admires your work so much that they want to hang it on the wall of their home is a feeling I can't describe.

This was one of the 3 new mask paintings I did for the my recent Exhibition and had become my favourite. I hadn't had the pleasure of hanging it on my wall yet and was sorry to see it go so quick, but seeing this gentleman's face when when I agreed to sell it some how made up for this. I knew it was going to home where it could be enjoyed and appreciated..
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