Friday, 23 July 2010

Deep in thought.....

I just loved the photo that my daughter in law took of my granddaughter Safina. It was a black & white photo, so I was not drawn to copying any colours. I find this lets your imagination think for itself and provides a much better scope for further creative ideas.

I used the same photo for an ink drawing, shown below for my college course. I loved how her hair hung down to one side while she was deep into reading her book sitting on the beach. When doing the ink drawing, I focused on the hair and wanted to carry on with that idea, this time I painted it in watercolour.

I didn't want to paint the hair black as it is, but instead be more creative with colour. I'm working on another one at the moment where this time i'll work wetter, dropping stronger pigment in the water, much like I did in my painting "Lets Party".  Maybe combined with ink......This was done while on holiday in Ireland, which was difficult with so many of us in the house, trapped by the rain :(


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