Friday, 11 March 2016

Moving forward, trying something new . . .

Every artist needs to move forward, otherwise we are in danger of painting the same old. The way forward to this is to play and try out new things, whether it be a new subject, a different medium or new colours.
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With every goal I reach in a painting, i'm thrilled, with each piece of work afterwards becoming more comfortable to paint, then soon the need to reach the next goal steps in. I've come to the stage where I'm wanting to move on and paint something different, right now putting in a little more of a figure than just the face. Along with pushing for a difference in the subject comes the desire to use different colours as well. I was fortunate to be given a wonderful gift by a friend, of some Daniel Smith paints, must say I love them. I haven't use these too much as yet so am picking up ones gradually and trying them. I also bought Janet's Violet Rose by American Journey, this is a gorgeous colour, especially for portrait work.
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When you are introducing new colour to your painting, work in smaller areas of your subject, don't be tempted to use it everywhere. Remember to stop and look from a distance, evaluate before deciding if you need to use it elsewhere to balance your work. I often let my paintings sit for some time before moving on, i've overworked to many in the past rushing in. Very often you will find when you go back to it that it doesn't need anything else. Think about working a another in the meantime, to stop you being tempted to rush in.
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This is what i'm working on at the moment and the slight change of colours. When you do this, take it slow, but remembering it's important to enjoy and play. I'm often asked how you develop your own style, well this the way, by experimenting and playing.

When you are trying new colours and mixes, be sure to try them out on a scrap piece first and write down what you have used for later reference.

Painting information taken form Ken Bromley Art Supplies and Cheap Joes. 
 With thanks to Gunnar Salvarsson for the use of his photo as ref. 

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