Thursday, 13 June 2013

Watercolour & Ink Tiger . . . " Panthera "

I've often used ink on watercolour paintings in the past , although I also love it just as it is, especially when used for architecture. Not having used it for some time I got started on it again recently after seeing a wonderful pen and wash "Helping Hands" by a member of Painting Friends forum, Sharon Williams. which you can see by following the links in the text.

What grabbed me most about Sharon's painting was how it wasn't the typical "Ink & Wash" that is too often a watercolour painting outlined neatly with an Ink pen. While there is nothing wrong with that, I just loved the way the wash overran the lines into other areas and how that gave Sharon's work that painterly look that really appeals to me.

 This is my attempt at a different take on "pen & wash"

So out came the ink ... and a straw....
                                      The initial attempts resulted in the painting "I belong to Africa" which you can see in an older post by clicking on the linked title. Although I loved that painitng and thoroughly enjoyed painting it, I still wanted a more randomness to the ink work. This is where those odd workshops and lessons come into use, the ones you don't always immediately use afterwards, but the parts that appealed and inspired seem to sit in the back of your mind just waiting.

 I had taken a short watercolour and Ink course at the local adult education center a few years back, a very enjoyable course run by a talented teacher, but never really used much of what I had learnt. The one thing I enjoyed the most was the use of other implements for the ink work, giving up a bit of control may be scary sometimes but it can have some wonderful effects and becomes part of what goes towards making a painting "yours".

  *** The Original painting will be on Exhibition and for sale at the  ***
  * Redbridge Arts Association Summer Exhibition  *
  at the Dovecote Gallery  *
* Valentines Mansion, Emerson Road, Ilford, Essex.  IG1 4XA  *
* from 2nd Jul-30th Jul  *


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