Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Studying Form.....

This is one I originally painted a couple of years ago.  It went into exhibition at The Dovecote with Ilford Art Society where it Sold. On the original I painted more of the photo, where the gentleman was reading the newspaper, hence it finally ended with the title of Sunday Morning.

Drawing and painting portraits seem to be more enjoyable when they have some character to them and this gentleman certainly has plenty of that in his face. Loved drawing out this one again and taking more time on it on this occasion.

I couldn't come up with a title for this, which isn't unusual for me, it's something I struggle with often. But both my partner and a friend came up with the same one, Studying Form". The painting had suggested the subject was reading the paper without the need for me to paint it in this time. This makes you stop and think how much you need to put in, do you need to paint everything or is it better to leave some of the story for the viewer to fill in.

 It's not until I redo a painting, which I don't do often, but perhaps should, that I see how i've much, if any i've moved forward. This is one where I see that step forward and am pleased with my progress.

Special thanks to Redfloor on Stock.xchng for the use of this wonderful photo.


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