Wednesday, 6 March 2013


The eightbyeight Project 'Childhood Explored' online exhibition is now officially live, and is OPEN FOR EARLY RESERVATIONS OF WORK!
Now is your chance to purchase work ahead of the main exhibition in Inverness in April. Work purchased now will will still be exhibited at Eden Court (marked 'sold') for all to enjoy, and will be shipped to you once the exhibition has been taken down (by the end of May at the very latest, but hopefully much sooner).

With over 200 submissions of beautiful works of art by donating artists worldwide, you can now reserve a very affordable work of art and take pride in knowing your money is helping such a fantastic cause.
Head on over to their website and reserve yours now.

I have 3 works of art for sale,  along with hundreds of other art by wonderful giving artists. Please help support Camille’s Appeal through the EightbyEight Project.

Original Watercolour by me, Stephie Butler  BUY HERE

“How about a hug” 
 Original Watercolour by me, Stephie Butler 

“In Silence”
Fine Art Print taken from one of my Original watercolour paintings.
The original of “In Silence” was selected and SOLD by “The Society of Women Artists” at their annual Exhibition 2012, at the Mall Galleries in London.


Katherine Thomas said...

They're all so beautiful, Stephie! Good luck with the exhibit. I know people will admire your work and stare at it extra long, even if they don't actually buy it. It's so beautifully rendered and so expressive. :)

Stephie Butler said...

Thanks you so much Katherine. I hope they do sell along with all the others, just think how much they could make for the charity if they did. Would be so wonderful x

Dawn said...

lovely! hope you sell them!

Stephie Butler said...

Thank you Dawn, I hope they do too....

Virginia Floyd said...

Your work is always beautiful!


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