Wednesday, 22 August 2012


......and just when I though it couldn't get any better...

..Having just spent a lovely long weekend staying with my dear friend Jaytee in the gorgeous market town of Kington in Herefordshire, where we went 3 days on a life workshop which had a wonderful teacher who was extremely inspiring...I come back to the news that I'd sold the remaining paintings that were selected into the Essex in Mayfair Exhibition. Well what a phone call that was, I'm still taken aback by it. I've never sold all work in an exhibition before so needless to say, am thrilled to bits. 

For the first this year, if we had work selected , we were also able to sell our cards as well. Apparently I sold quite a few, so another added bonus.

It's very hard to describe the feeling you get when you sell a painting, and the inspiration that brings with it, to want to grab your brushes and paint more, there really is nothing like it.  Now I need to get working on the next collection amongst other things. We have the Ilford Art Society "Art on the Railings" on September 15th, so lots to do.

I really would like to say a very big thank you to all the people who have purchased any of my work, and to my partner for the support in allowing me the time to live my dream.
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