Thursday, 28 June 2012

Ilford Art Society Summer Exhibition in the Dovecote

Make A Wish...

  It's not often I redo a painting or even use the same ref photo. I find I almost never get that same inspiration as the first desire to paint it, but this one was different. There was something about this little boy, original photograph taken by and kindly shared by Steve Evans. I had also lost concentration for a moment while painting the original for my video on YouTube, so I needed to repaint it...

Hence ...

"Make a Wish" repainted and on show at the

Summer Exhibition at the 

Dovecote Gallery

Valentines Mansion & Gardens
Emerson Road, Ilford, Essex, IG1 4XA,UK.

1st-29th July
Open from 11am-4pm
Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Sundays
Free entry and suitable for all ages.
Available for sale through the Dovecote Gallery Exhibition...Contact me for further information.

* * * * *
  I have 4 painting included in this Exhibition as part of the Ilford Art Society. The Exhibition goes on for 3 months in all, showing work from 4 different Art Societies, a photography club and a marquetry group. There will be 2 groups showing each month from July through September, sharing a wide range of style and media. 

* * * * *

The gallery is in the grounds of the Valentines park, mansion & gardens. A lovely day out for all the family.

The house was built in around 1696 for Elizabeth Tillotson and her family, after the death of her husband, the Archbishop of Canterbury and has since changed hands many times. The Council acquired the house in 1912. Since then it has been home to wartime refugees, a hospital, a public health centre, and a council housing department. After sitting empty for around 15 years the house and gardens have been restored with Redbridge council and Heritage Lottery funds . 
 A wonderful day out for all the family.
Visit the Gallery, Mansion & Gardens and the new Gardener’s Cottage Café.

Please visit the website for more information:
Emerson Road, Ilford, Essex, IG1 4XA
Bookings and general enquiries: 020 8708 8100


Katherine Thomas said...

That's a beautiful, moving painting! And an awesome reference photo! I would use that kid again and again as a model for reference photos! He has such an expressive little face! You did a beautiful job with the portrait! Congratulations!

Studio at the Farm said...

What a beautiful setting! Good luck with the show, Stephie!

Sharon Whitley said...

Beautiful again. I sometimes try a painting using the same reference photo again if I want to paint it in a different style or if I'm not that pleased with the first try but then I'm just a beginner so the practice getting to know a subject helps. Very inspired by your watercolours, they are beautiful

Stephie Butler said...

Katherine. Thank you so much for stopping by and leaving such lovely comments on my work. It is a gorgeous photo and Steve Evans is so generous in his allowing others to use them.

Stephie Butler said...

Kathryn.....Thank you so much....Sorry I haven't been to your blog lately, trying to catch up with everything....

Stephie Butler said...

Sharon..Thank you..... I do sometimes do them again and probably did so more, a few years ago. I just don't like using the same ref again, (unless it's really different), when I have sold the original. I don't think it's fair on the buyer.....


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