Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Robin Berry's new book "Compendium of Watercolour Techniques"

Catching up.....

I've had a few people ask what I've been up to as I've not updated my blog for a long time. I do update my Facebook page as much as I can and on a more regular basis than here, and am embarrassed to say I sometimes forget about my blog and the fact that of course not everyone is on Fb.

......So please accept my apologies for, lack of posts and acknowledgments and answering the comments that people have kindly left on other posts. I'll add some of the posts I have put on my Fb page, so if you've already read them there, please ignore the duplicating.....

Now where to start....When I look back, although I get frustrated at times, I've had a really good year so far. It started with the surprise inclusion of three of my paintings into American artist Robin Berry's new book "Compendium of Watercolour Techniques"

I had been approached along with many other artists by a publisher. They had seen my work on another site and "Would be delighted if i would contribute some examples of my work for possible inclusion in the book". Of course I was the delighted one and sent them off. I was absolutely thrilled around a year later to find my work had indeed been included, 3 paintings in all.

The book is published under different titles in the USA and UK, "Watercolor Secrets" is the USA version, but as I understand is the same on the inside.

   I couldn't feel more proud to see my work in this book, let alone be included along side award winning artists such artists as Robin, herself of course , Ruth Harris, David Poxon, Paul Jackson, Gerad Hendriks to name but a few. There has obviously been a lot of hard work put into this book and it's one I would highly recommend.

I will do a  more detailed write up on this book later, but will end this post with a very big
*THANK YOU* to Robin. 


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