Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Here Comes Trouble.....

Some you win , Some you lose....

Not a total disaster as there is a lot I like about this one. I really should have paid more attention to the drawing as I've aged her a touch, but I was so eager to paint it.   When i took the photo I placed her in the top corner when editing, the composition of it worked so I went with it in the painting as well. I thought to have her hair trailing longer on the viewers left as well and was really pleased with how the colours worked, becoming softer as her curls tumbled down. .

So what was I not happy with?..well,  I wasn't too happy with the hair overall.  I lost concentration and hey presto mud happened :(. Having said that, I did learn so much from this, and no painting is ever a waste of time, it's just part of the Journey.

I have started another one, totally different colours this time as well. Will take it a step at a time on the hair as well.
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