Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Reflecting on progress....

While clearing my studio, I was looking back at my work over the past year to see how, or even if I had progressed.. I think overall I definitely have, and am pleased with what I am painting lately. I do find very often though you go backwards to go forwards, especially when venturing onto a new subject or technique.

For me this has been with portraits. I just love painting them and have spent lots of time practising drawing, studying books and other artists paintings. I wanted to progress with colour more, and this is where I think I have progressed the most, along with being able to draw the structure of them much better.

Here are 2 portraits I did of Zahrah. One at the beginning of the year and the other more recently...When I painted the earlier one I was over the moon with it. If I had painted this in the last month or so, I would be somewhat disappointed, that for me feels like progress..... I can't say I have done this in all subjects though, but for portraits i'm very pleased with my progress....

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