Sunday, 19 September 2010

Time to Reflect.....SOLD.....

Lord Mayor & Lady Mayoress buys "Time to Reflect"

I attended the Bert Hamilton Awards at the Dovecote gallery at the end of the exhibition, where I was shortlisted into the last ten with my painting "Time to Reflect". After the awards were presented to joint winners this year, of a wonderful oil scene of the Gallery and a Magnificent Marquetry of a sweet shop, I was approached by a gentleman and informed that someone would like to meet me. It was the Lord Mayor & Lady Mayoress of  Redbridge,  they told me how much they loved my work and especially that painting, which they would like to buy. I was so thrilled I was almost in tears. This really meant so much, as I only started exhibiting this year. The feeling that someone likes your work so much they would want to hang it in their home is indescribable. Although it was a little sad to see it go as it had special memories for me, I knew it was going to someone who appreciated it so much. 

I painted this while sitting in the Tuscan mountains with two wonderful friends Joanna & Cathy. It was also a kind of turning point for me as it was with this painting that I entered my first competition, The Ken Bromley Cover Competition, where I became 2nd runner up.

Thank you so much, I hope it gives you as much pleasure as it has me.....

* * * * *

 The two winners and short-listed artists.


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