Sunday, 21 February 2010

Drawing towards Portraits...

.I am really hooked and love to paint portraits, especially those of children. When not having enough time to paint, I will find time to draw, and constantly have my pencils to hand. I have found it gives me a better understanding of the features to do this prior to painting a larger piece, especially if I am concentrating on getting a likeness and have learnt so much. I have also find I am enjoying the art of drawing again, something I haven't done enough of for a long time... These are all studies of my grandson Isi, I am so lucky to have 2 beautiful models to hand, and of course makes it even more enjoyable.

As I like to work in a looser style when painting, doing these studies helps me to see where the shapes and tones are before going onto the painting, what to put in, and what to leave out..


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