Saturday, 18 November 2017

Charity Raffle . . . win an original watercolour


I am fundraising to support GOAL for The Gambia and the work they do to improve the lives of others, by raffling one of my original watercolours. The winner gets to choose from the paintings below.

From my first visit to the Gambia I had decided I wanted to sponsor a child and spent a long time researching for the right Charity. All my searches came back to one charity, Goal for The Gambia. We got in touch with Sandy, Founder and Trustee GOAL for The Gambia, who on our next visit, took us out for the day to show us the work they do, where they are now supporting five schools and a health clinic which serves more than 10,000 people.

We were taken aback by how far our mere £5.00 went, which is all it costs to sponsor a child to go to school, including uniform and books. And were consulted on what would happen if any was let over. I know, hard to believe that there would be anything left. 

We were particularly struck by the work being done in the clinic. What has already been achieved since they started helping the clinic is astounding. When I first entered the building I felt I was in a time zone, that of a wartime hospital, images you I would have seen on old TV films, I found it hard to imagine what it was like when they started, knowing the amount of work that had already been achieved. Please take a few minutes to read about what this charity does HERE  We decided then that we wanted to do what we could to help, which is where raffling one of my paintings came in. 

Amongst so many emotions we felt throughout that day, one of the things that struck was the transparency of how the charity is run and seeing that for ourselves first hand. 100% of every donation goes where it is supposed to. They do not fundraise for administration costs, instead relying on Gift Aid to fund these essential overheads. You can read more about them and the work they do by visiting their website Goal for The Gambia

You can donate and be in with a chance of winning one of my paintings with as little as £5.00 and know that it will go a long way to helping the children and the people there .   

If you donate, please make sure to either add your email to the message box as it will be needed if you win. If you would rather it didn't show on the charity page, please send it to me by email: I will also post the winners name on all social media, along with my website and blog. Thank you in advance for all those who donate and know how much it's truly appreciated. I thank you on their behalf. 

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