Wednesday, 11 February 2015

I'm using Green . . .

Most people know my phobia of greens lol, but every so often you feel like you need to push into something new, so I just had to go for it and i'm quite pleased with this one. Haven't come up with a title yet, something I really struggle with, so at the moment it's "Untitled"

The greens are mixed from some new paints I got while in the US. These were the American Joe paints, mixtures of Skips green and Sky Blue...

Some progress pics along the way.  Sorry about the quality but these were taken with my new iPad and haven't got used to editing with it yet.

First wash of blue and pink mixes.
Permanent Rose
Colbalt Blue

Nest adding in some flesh tones.
Aureloin and Permanent Rose
A touch of Burnt Sienna

Still too cold so strengthened up the flesh tones, even a touch of Cadmium Red used in very dilute washes, really warms  it up.

Next the greens, The green in the face is showing a little stronger than it actually is.

A big thank you to Gunnar Salvarsson for allowing me to use his photo. 


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