Monday, 11 February 2013

Pride of Samburu....

Pride of Samburu.....Watercolour & Ink

Still working in watercolour & Ink and getting a real liking for it, thoroughly enjoying it so I carried on with the sketches I had done previous. These lions were a combination of a couple of photos and used with the kind permission of the photographer. I had painted these as separate photos on a previous occasion and some of the reason behind painting them again was, to not only see how much I had improved as an artist, but the fact that I could see how I wanted to capture them differently in my mind. I went about this in much the same way as "Lost" was painted, only when dropping in other colours it probably wasn't so wet in wet.

It really is quite difficult to photograph a painting with a white background so this doesn't quite show as it should and even more so as it is a full sheet in width. 

Below is a closer view of the lions and shows the colours a lot more accurately.....This one really was so enjoyable to paint, and I will definitely doing some more ink work.

With much thank to Paul Ijsendoorn for allowing me to use his wonderful photos. 


Billie Crain said...

Stephie, this is gorgeous! I love what you're doing with the ink and wash.

Stephie Butler said...

Thanks Billie... I loved ink work when I did it at class, working on some more of these now.


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