Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Catching up....

        I'm so far behind posting on my blog I'm not sure where to start in catching up with it all. I need to close 2012 before I can open 2013 and share what i've been working on so far this year. I know it's a bit late but it also helps me to keep a record of what i've done and where I am today....

       It was a busy end to last year in many ways as you might have gathered from my lack of postings, although I did keep mostly up to date on my Facebook Art Page. Some moments were to celebrate and some not, as like many families this year, illness seem to have dampened Xmas a little. So to close 2012 I will make it a quick round up.
Xmas collection in memory of Oliver

Firstly I want to say a very big   

Thank you... 

At the end of last year I was busy getting cards printed of my painting "Ho ho ho." as these went on sale through my website with all profits going to "Oliver's 4th Christmas collection for GOSH and Little Havens Children's Hospice 2012" . I want to say a very big Thank You too all those who bought cards and/or donated money to this fundraising. I handed over just over £50 to the family, which when you think how last minute it was, was a tremendous amount. I know how much it was appreciated and hope you take pride in knowing how you have helped the children and their families. I'll have them started earlier next year so hopefully we can raise lots more. Thank you again for you kind support.

 "Ho ho ho" also went along with me to the Essex Art Club Christmas meeting, where it was voted as best Painting chosen by the members. We do this yearly at both clubs I belong too. I was overwhelmed to have got 1st place at the Ilford Art Society, but to have got it here too... So I want to say a very big thank you to all the members that came along to both events, thank you so much for this, it made ending the year amazing and so very special to me. 

Take "Time to Reflect"

As artists we need to take time every once in a while to look back on how far we've come on our journey. I especially like to do this at the end of the year,  As artists we too often get despondent, wondering if perhaps we are not moving forward. Well, I bet if you took a look back to where you were this time last year you will get quite a shock, I know I always do and can say even more so in this past year. I really enjoy browsing through older work, remembering some that were real achievements and still being proud of them. A good tip is to also make sure you date the back of your paintings and sketches.  Taking a little time to look at what you've achieved over the past year no matter how small at times it may seem, gives you so much of a lift and inspires you onto the next step of the journey and it never hurts to pat yourself on the back once in a while and be proud, you've earned it. 

I hope you all had a great 2012 and are already having a creative 2013


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