Sunday, 14 October 2012

Africa in my Soul....

New painting.....

 I've been working on a few new ideas that i'll share as soon as i'm finished, if they work of course. Meantime have been fitting in new paintings as well. Just can't tear myself away from painting portraits and more so from those of African children. They just have something that really grabs your heart. This is one that was finished late this week and has just come off of Exhibition and will be on sale on my website shortly.

With thanks to Steve Evans for the use of his photograph as ref.
One thing I've been working on are new greetings cards as they seem to be getting quite popular and am almost sold out. I will be putting those on my new website too soon, so they will be available direct, in either singles or as part of a collection, I'll update here as soon as they are ready.
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