Sunday, 15 July 2012

SAA It's all about Art - Bristol

I was fortunate a couple of weeks ago to be able to attend the “SAA It's all about Art” at Bristol. I went along with a special friend Ruth Harris.  

Ruth Harris.."Cosmic Poppies"... SAA Amateur Artist of the Year 2012
Ruth has recently been awarded the 
with her stunning painting, titled “Cosmic Poppies”. This was the first time that Ruth had entered anything let alone win, so you can only imagine her joy. It made it even more of a special occasion to be able to attend the show, as fortunately it was within traveling distance for her this year.

As they had moved the show this year, and one was to be held in Bristol, this gave me the chance to combine catching up with some dear friends along with attending a fun packed day doing what we both love best.

 The only disappointing thing, especially for Ruth as a winner, as well as for both of us as we love to view the work of other artists, was that this year there would be no exhibition, it would have been so encouraging to Ruth to see her work hanging there along with the other winners. We all often doubt ourselves as artists along the way and something like this gives an artist so much reassurance and encouragement, as well as the inspiration to head further along that road. There were other much admired artist friends who also received awards, so it would have made the day even more special to have been able to view their work in real life.
Although initially, when I first walked in, I was a bit disappointed at the size of the show, especially having been to the London one in the past. I soon realised it was as full of the same excitement and inspiration as the London venue. From demo's, to mini workshops, to lots of tempting goodies to spend your pennies on, and lets face it, we artists don't need much encouragement to do that now, do we.

As there was only a certain amount of time to fit everything in, we chose carefully. We went for opting out of the comfort zone of watercolours which is the preferred medium for both Ruth and I, instead for the chance to try a different media, which after all is the aim of it. 

 This was from one of the workshops on offer. A quick try at pastels following along with tutor and demonstrator Vic Bearcroft.... I have tried pastels a few times but never really persevered with it. Being asked often to do pet portraits along with having a love of both pets and wildlife, I thought this would be a good choice, and Ruth relished the challenge as well. 
I found pastels work well for this subject, it creates a certain softness for animals especially when done on velour. It really is amazing how much these professional artists pack into these workshops, and I have much admiration for the amount they teach you in such a small time. Thank you Vic for a very enriching if not quick workshop, I really learned so much from it.

The SAA show really does have a lot to offer other than the obvious of being a great day out with friends. It gives you a chance to try something different, along with being able to get some sound advice from both the professional artist on technique along with expert knowledge on buying whats needed afterwards from the shop. We also had the chance to try other items , then purchase them if desired . Thank you SAA, I will certainly do my best to get there again next year. 

Please go take a look at the SAA website and the work of all the others winners. You won't be disappointing at the wonderful variety of art on display.

Artist of the Year 2012



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