Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Elmo & Suki......

I've so much to catch up on here after spending a wonderful two weeks with my dear friend Joanna in Holland. I will post more on that later, but though I ought to post what i've been up to in order, if I can remember. So to start with:

These are two commissioned paintings of cats by a gentleman for his mothers birthday.  The cats belong to his mother and the paintings were to be a surprise for her birthday, which is the reason I have been unable to share them openly on-line until now. But I've just had word that he has given her the paintings, how much she loved them, and how I had captured their personalities.


  It's always a worry when painting pets or portraits, not only that you capture the likeness, but also the spirit and personality. 

To do this I asked to know a little about them before starting my drawing and paintings. This really does help so much, making painting them much more enjoyable and I believe shows in the end result.

  Elmo is quite old and has unfortunately lost most of his teeth, because of this his tongue is out almost all of the time and he dribbles rather badly. I decided to keep the tongue as it was in the photos, after all that his him, it's how his owner sees him daily.....

This is Suki, she is the sister of Elmo and is about 14 years old. Just looking at the photos I was given of her gave me the impression she rules like the queen of the house.....


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