Monday, 14 June 2010

Selected for Exhibition..

Essex in Mayfair

Two Paintings Selected.....
I am so delighted to have had 2 paintings selected by the Essex Art Club for the Essex in Mayfair Exhibition.

After much encouragement and persuasion from some wonderful friends I finally entered my first Exhibition. The standard is very high and I didn't for one minute think I would get in. So to have 2 out of the maximum 3 selected, and it to be my first time is even more special, I am so lost for words. Along with this I have also had 6 browser mounted works selected.

I will be attended the private preview  tonight, Monday 14th, and the Exhibition will run for 1 week until the 20th June. It would be fantastic to see anyone there if you are in the area. There will be a wide selection of work and media by some amazing artists, so you won't be disappointed.

I want to say a special thanks to all those friends who have been there, continually encouraging and made me believe in myself, especially over the past year. Pat & Chris Southcombe who have made this a special year for me, Joanna, Cathy, Melissa and Cindi to name but a few...and a special thanks to my partner Dave who has stood by me through so much...


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