Thursday, 5 November 2009

kreative Blogger Award....Thank you Cindi....

I was absolutely thrilled when I had a message from a wonderful friend Cindi to say there was an award waiting for me on her Blog and I was to come along and collect it. I'm fairly new to blogging so wasn't really sure what this was, although I had seen some around.

If you take a look at Cindi's Blog you will understand why she herself was awarded this. She is an amazing woman who copes daily with so much yet still finds time to pick up her brushes, along with inspiring others. Cindi works so hard to learn and improve her art and is a true inspiration to any of us who are looking to further our journey.

Thank you so much for this Cindi, and for being both a wonderful friend and an true inspiration.

I understand I now have to tell you 7 things about myself and then pass this award onto 7 other people.

1...I live with my fiancé Dave and 5 cats, I have 2 sons and 3 wonderful grandchildren.

2...I love to paint, sketch and almost anything else creative. My 1st love is watercolours, although I’ve just ventured into Acrylics, and most recently pastels, which I have fallen in love with... I too hope to be trying out oils very soon.

3...My other passion is photography which only started as a means to take my own reference photos for painting, but soon developed in to more when Dave bought me my 1st DSLR. Now I am almost never seen without my camera.

4...I was fortunate a few years ago to go on an African Safari. I would say that is the one place I would love to live, amongst all the animals of

5...I love all animals and every chance I get I visit wildlife parks. I also love to visit the local lakes to catch shots of the wildlife there.

6...I love cats and am owned by 5 of them, the last in the family being Taz...

7...After leaving school I made my career as a Draughtswoman, in the days when all was done by hand and not on the computer.

Next To pick 7 people......

This for me was the hardest part as there are so many artists I admire, and new ones I have been fortunate to come across since starting my blog. Please take a moment to look at their sites, you won't be disappointed.

Kay Smith.
Melissa Fischer
Sandeep Khedkar
Fernando Pena
Fabio Cembranelli

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