Wednesday, 18 November 2009

I want to be a Ballerina......

I have sketched this little girl in pencil a while ago and it was sitting here on my to do list to paint.

Feeling unwell this week I started a very quick sketch with no intentions of it turning into a finished painting. I have been trying to bring more colours into my portraits to make them feel more alive, so I find this a way of trying out different colours and learning without the pressure of it being a finished painting.

I have also found that if I just "go for it", fairly quickly putting in what I see it often results in better work. For something that started as a quick sketch and using up colours left on my pallet from painting with Joanna last week, this turned out a whole lot better than I expected....

This photo doesn't really show too much the different colours in the skin tones, but there are some I would normally never think of using. It's a good lesson I learned from this, not to be afraid of trying something new, you never know how it will turn out.. It may not be a masterpiece but it is another step forward...

My special thanks to Randysart from Wet Canvas for the use of her beautiful photo..
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